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For me, in the beginning, dragons were very much the beasts of myth and legend, gleaned from childhood storybooks. Knights slaying dragons to save fair maidens, St George and the Dragon of Welsh fame, and the fiery, sinuous dragons of Chinese mythology. Then came Anne McCaffrey and the Dragons of Pern, blasting her way into my senses with her magnificent dragons, beasts who had lifelong telepathic symbiosis with their human riders, even into death. My notions of Dragonkind were forever changed. Now my dragons have been born and I like to think of them as benign creatures, only raised to wrath in times of trouble, or avenging those in need. Never can I conceive of them as being nasty people, to be feared or slain. Since, in my mind, they came from beyond the mysts of time, as do my faeries, so they become inextricably linked to all the creatures from that place. What is fantasy and what is fact becomes distorted with the passage of time and now it is time to be borne away to a place of Dragon Wings and faerie things.

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  • Лиговский просп., д. 60-62, лит. А
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